Aups - Var - Provence
black truffle
Olive oil,
the inimitable flavour !
Wines from our terroir :
sunshine brought to your table
Honey, a goldmine
of goodness
Homemade jams, Chutneys, Syrups


Aups, capitale du Haut Var

Between the vineyards and Verdon, in the heart of the olive groves, the capital of the Haut-Var and the black truffle, the charming village of Aups takes you on a discovery of the thousand and one flavours offered by its terroir. You will discover the authentic products which have made its reputation:
The black truffle, of course, harvested in winter, a real gem of French cuisine whose inimitable flavour enhances so many dishes; virgin olive oil, with its characteristic green colour and fruity aroma, full of goodness and pleasant on the palate, honey, with its thousand and one therapeutic virtues and as many different varieties and uses, goat cheese, strong, fresh, dry, flavoursome, which can be enjoyed in so many different ways, the wine which adds sunshine to any meal, whatever its colour… and so many other flavours awaiting you!
Here we have the taste for Authenticity and Goodness!

Aups, village préservé

The black truffle

Olive oil


Homemade jams, Chutneys, Syrups
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