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Olive Festival

On the 4th Sunday in March Aups organises its wonderful olive festival. The programme includes a large market of olive growers, olive tree pruning demonstrations, exhibitions, folk dancing, an aperitif with anchoïade, menus based around olive oil at all the restaurants…and many other activities to celebrate the “liquid gold” in a thousand and one ways. Come and join us and sample the warm and friendly atmosphere and the quality of the products presented. We look forward to seeing you…

Branche d'olivier

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Olive oil

Olives The jewel in the crown of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is also renowned for its therapeutic virtues, particularly beneficial for the cardio-vascular system as it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which help to reduce bad cholesterol.

Thanks to its inimitable, perfumed and fruity taste, it brings a little sunshine to our plates, waking up the senses and the flavours as it has just the right amount of tartness and tanginess.

Huile d'olive

Cooked or in its natural state, it is used throughout the year in all kinds of dishes.

Produced and harvested on our lands, you will find this natural and aromatic oil to buy or sample on our markets or directly from our producers!

The producers of olive oil
· Moulin Gervasoni, Route de Tourtour -
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· Domaine de Taurenne, 5800 route de Tourtour -
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