Aups - Var - Provence

Aups, capitale du Haut Var

Visit Aups and, as you amble past its fountains and down its narrow winding streets, admire the diversity of our craftspeople and the talent of our artists.

Push open the door to their shops and studios and admire the quality and originality of their work, the love they all have for beauty, the pleasure they take in sharing their passion with you. Stroll around the galleries of our painters and sculptors where the talent is palpable, the colours warm, the materials varied and noble and the welcome always genuine…

All cultivate the art of savoir-faire and tradition, blended with an authentic search for originality and quality.
Aups therefore offers a rich pallet which marries the beauty of the work on display with the gentle Provencal way of life and the natural charm of its shady squares and its medieval narrow, winding streets.

Jean Jacques Castex
Sculptures, paintings, knives…
ATELIER-BOUTIQUE: 8 rue du Marché
tél : 06.10.980.995
Maria De Faykod
MUSEE DE FAYKOD: Route de Tourtour
Yveline Gatau
LE MILLE MORCEAUX: Place Louis Gauthier


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