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Aups, des temps jadis

The history of Aups (derived from the word 'Alps') dates back to 6 BC. A Celtic-Ligurian tribe cultivated the St Marc plateau, in the Espiguières mountains.

With the invasion and settling of the Romans, the tribe developed and transformed itself into an oppidum. Julius Caesar was said to have uttered, when passing through the region, "I prefer to be the first in Aups than the second in Rome". Everywhere around the village, there are traces of this Roman presence, such as a former hospital and milestones.

Having been under the successive domination of Burgundians, Ostrogoths and Carolingians, and subjected to the Saracen incursions, it is not known what pushed the village to leave the St Mark plateau to occupy its current location.
Aups, au temps présent

Tombeau des Blacas

Monument insurrection

croix de guerre

Around 1000 AD the village of Aups became linked with the Blacas, a major historical family in the region, joint lords of Aups along with the King of France. In 1346 the village began a legal battle against the Dukes of Blacas. Finally, in 1712, almost four centuries later, the village obtained the right to depend legally on the King of France alone.

The period of the wars of religion remains one of the darkest in the village's history with the massacre in 1574 of 250 people by the Huguenots.

After Louis Napoleon Bonaparte's coup d'état in 1851, Aups became the centre of the anti-Bonaparte insurrection in Vars. Severely quelled, this popular uprising was commemorated by the construction of the Notre-Dame de la Délivrance chapel built as an ex voto, as well as an obelisk on the village square.

Aups was one of the most virulent centres of resistance to the German occupation which earned the village the collective decoration of the "Croix de Guerre avec Palmes" (War Cross with Palms).
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